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Portland’s leather otto is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks


— The Oregon City Ottoman is the one Portlanders know and love.

The Ottomans, or “leather ottomons,” are a group of five to seven ottomon statues that have stood for more than a century in downtown Portland.

The statue is named after the city of Portland’s chief financial officer, John G. Lippman.

The ottomen are known for their unique, intricate carving.

The ottoms were designed by a French sculptor who is now in Portland and is based in France.

They are made of a dark, brown leather and have a large bronze or metal head.

It takes a good 45 minutes to carve a statue of an ottomean.

The sculptures are so intricate that the Portland Art Commission has designated one ottoomon sculpture a national treasure.

Portland’s leather pouf, or chair, has become a Portland institution, and many people know it from other cities.

Its a pair of long wooden feet that sit on a wooden chair.

The chair sits in the middle of the room, and is covered with a velvet-like material.

It was one of several iconic Portland landmarks named in honor of former Mayor Sam Adams.

The Oregon City Pouf, named for the city itself, has been a fixture in Portland’s historic downtown for more to than 100 years.

Portland was founded by the Dutch settlers in the late 1800s, and the Portland Museum of Art, founded by a Dutch artist, has housed a collection of Portland artwork for decades.

The Portland Pouf was also designed by Belgian sculptor Claude Rivette.

Portland is one city where art is alive and well, and it’s the perfect place to celebrate a city with a history that goes back centuries.

“This is one place in the city that we can celebrate art.

The people here are just so passionate about it, and that’s what makes Portland so special,” said Jim Harkness, a curator at the Portland Historical Society.

The Portland Pots, a collection that includes a leather chair, leather seat, leather shoes, leather sandals, leather gloves, leather socks and leather sandal strap, were created by artist and artist’s friend, Charles Bierman.

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