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New York City Leather Wingback Chair Gets ‘Black Label’

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Leather is getting a brand new name, and its creators are hoping to capitalize on the buzz surrounding a new brand called the “Black Label” to get it into the hands of more women and minorities.

The $200,000 leather chair is one of a slew of items on sale in the city’s luxury retail chain that have been designated the Black Label by the Leather Council, a group that advocates for the best quality and materials used by the industry.

It is also the first product from a new luxury brand created by the group.

“We are excited to be bringing a brand that is reflective of the community and that we are really excited to bring to the market,” said Matt Breen, president and CEO of Leathercraft, a retail chain with more than 1,500 stores across the United States.

“The leather industry is growing.

It’s a growing market that’s very diverse and it’s going to continue to grow,” he said.”

It’s a very diverse market that is going to have to do a better job of embracing its diverse communities.”

The chair was created by Leathercraft with the help of a local company called JB Design, a small company based in San Francisco that manufactures high-quality furniture.

JB is now a partner with the company.

The chair is made of white leather that has a dark gray and blue trim.

It was designed by Brooklyn-based JB Designs, whose logo is a red lion with a black and white wing and a black-and-white chevron.

It has a cushion for legs that is lined in white leather, and a leather strap and an elastic waistband.

The leather was also created with a fabric that is black-on-white.

It has a leather strip along the inside of the chair.

The Black Label is the latest in a string of products that Leathercraft has launched in the past few years aimed at attracting women.

Leathercraft’s first womens’ line, which launched in 2011, included a leather dress and leather shoes.

The new leather chair, available in white, black, white and dark gray, will be sold through JB Designer, which also sells a range of leather accessories and footwear, said Heather Haggerty, the co-founder and chief executive of LeatherCraft.

Breen said the company is committed to helping to create the Black L label and to bring more women to the leather market.

“This is a brand, it’s not a product, but it’s an opportunity to bring the leather to market that we have seen through the Black label,” he told Reuters in an interview.

The Leather Council has been pushing for the industry to diversify its product offerings and create a more inclusive product, said Liza McDaniel, a co-chair of the group and the author of “The Fashion of the Black.”

You know, it used to be there was this idea that the industry was a monolith.

It now is more diverse, it has more women, it is much more accessible and it is more welcoming to women,” she said.

The White Label, a $100,000 luxury leather shoe that is also made of black leather, was first unveiled in 2015.

The new product is the first to be produced by JB, which is owned by U.S. conglomerate Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

The “Black L” label is the product of an initiative by the leather council, which aims to create more inclusive products that are available to women.

It’s been a long journey for the Leathercrafts, whose products have been used for decades by people from the working class to celebrities.

The company first launched in 1990.

Its founder, Mark Breen told Reuters that the leather industry needs to embrace its diversity and take a cue from the Black Lion and other symbols of the black community.

The brand’s success is due to the fact that the Leather Crafts have been able to get the brand off the ground by selling in more stores than other retail chains, said McDaniel.”

They’ve been able … to find a way to make a product that is accessible to a wider market, a market that does not have access to the kind of product that’s being offered at a lot of retail stores,” she added.”

So we think the Black Labels, and we’re really excited about it, will open up a whole new market for this very diverse, diverse community.

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