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When Espinoza boots go from $5 to $100


(AP) A leather pouff is a shoe made from a leather sole and has been around since at least the 1920s.

The leather tote bags and leather sneakers are a product of the 1990s.

Now, a leather toterbag is becoming a luxury item.

It’s being made from leather and can be purchased for as little as $25, according to a company in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The leather pout is worn by middle-class women and men who like to be dressed well.

They’re not trying to look stylish, but are looking to make a statement, said Kristin Gossman, a sales manager at Espinozas Leather Products in West Palmdale.

Gossman said that leather toters are typically worn by women who like the idea of a dressy look without being overly formal.

They look elegant with a suit and tie, she said.

The shoes come in a range of styles.

Some are slim with an all-over color palette, while others have an over-the-knee look.

The shoes can be a little pricey at $100, but Gossmann said she could see a $200 to $300 price tag for a toter bag.

The company is selling the toters through its website and online at Espinos.com.

The products have been around for years, said Daniel Buell, president of Espinosa, a West Palm beach-based company.

They started out as a novelty, but as the years passed they grew in popularity, he said.

They are still available at stores and online.

“We have had a lot of inquiries from women who want to wear the toter bags and the shoes.

We’ve had so many inquiries from people who want them,” Buella said.

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