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How to get your own leather sofa – and save money by using faux leather

Google News article Google has launched a new initiative that will allow people to own a faux leather sofa, or couch, for as little as £20.

The initiative, which is being launched by the company’s brand-new online store, will let you rent a sofa with an interior made from faux leather, as well as making your own.

Google says that you can also make your own sofa from an existing sofa, bed or table.

Here are the steps involved:1.

Log into the store.2.

Select the sofa you want to purchase.3.

Click the ‘add to cart’ button, where you can enter in your details, and then ‘checkout’ the sofa.4.

Your sofa will be delivered within three to five working days.

The service will also include the option to add furniture, so long as it is in the same size and shape as the sofa (see image above).5.

Go ahead and check out your sofa.

The process will take about 15 minutes.6.

When you’ve checked out your new sofa, you will be sent a receipt with the name of the sofa and its approximate cost.7.

You can also add furniture to your sofa as soon as you complete the checkout process.8.

Once you have the sofa, return it to Google.

You will be given the option of giving it a new address.9.

When it arrives, it will be shipped to your doorstep.10.

When the sofa is ready to be moved, Google will provide you with a tracking number so you can track its progress.

The company says it has already received “over 1,000 requests for our sofa” since it launched its new product last year.

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