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Which leather jackets are you wearing right now?

I’m in love with the classic leather jackets I love so much, they’re just so iconic.

I think I’ve had at least two dozen pairs of the classic black leather jackets that are so iconic that they’ve become a part of my wardrobe.

The classic black is so iconic and so well loved.

It has its own personality, too.

I can’t think of a time in my life when I’ve needed a black leather jacket and I’ve worn it on my head.

They’re so versatile and so beautiful.

I’ve always been a big fan of vintage and vintage inspired pieces and now that I’m at the end of my career, I can finally buy a vintage-inspired leather jacket.

I have a lot of vintage pieces in my closet, and one of my favorite pieces is the jacket that I wear now.

It’s a black one with a red and white trim and the logo on the back is a nod to the film The Lone Ranger.

I was really happy to see the logo was red, so I’m very happy that it was a homage to the original movie.

The leather jacket that you’re wearing now, it’s probably one of the most iconic pieces that I own.

I love it, and I know you do too.

What do you think of my latest purchase?

I’ve been using it as my work chair for about two years now, and it’s been perfect for me.

I’m really happy with it.

Do you wear a leather jacket or leather jacket with a tie?

Yes, a leather and a tie.

That’s what I wear in the office.

I usually wear a suit and tie because it’s a way to be professional, to have a look that doesn’t come across as casual.

I get that from my friends who wear ties in office settings, too, but they’re much more formal and they’re meant to be worn at work.

Have you ever tried a leather-soled jacket?

I do occasionally wear leather jackets, but I don’t wear one myself.

The reason I’m wearing a leather is because I like to look cool.

When I’m looking good, I like a jacket that’s a bit more modern.

What does your favorite colour mean to you?

I love white.

It is one of those things that I think everybody does.

I like white because it is very feminine.

If I’m working, I’m going to be dressed in a dress that I like, and white is definitely the colour that I want.

It goes well with everything I wear.

Is there anything you don’t like about leather?

Not really.

I do like that I can put it on easily, but it’s really important to me to wear something that’s comfortable and not too heavy.

I feel that I’ve made a lot out of this piece of leather, and now I’m just happy to have it as a piece of furniture.

What’s the most important thing that you take from the leather jacket?

If you’re going to wear a jacket, make sure you wear it properly.

If you can wear it well, then you can’t go wrong with the leather.

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