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Why a friend gave me a leather messenger bag

A friend gave her a leather Messenger bag to help with her travel.

“I was going to take the whole thing with me, but I figured I better make it for my son,” she says.

The friend is an Australian who lives in New South Wales.

Her friend has an older son and a daughter, who are in the UK.

She’s got a few bags with her at home, but said she wanted to make her own.

“He has a lot of luggage and stuff that he’s got to carry,” she said.

“It’s quite easy to put the things together.”

So she did.

She took the whole leather messenger backpack, folded it in half, and cut it into half.

Then she started to make it into a messenger bag.

“To me it’s just as much of a gift as a regular suitcase,” she told CBC News.

She said it felt great to be able to put everything in it and to have something that you can put on your back.

It’s a really cool idea, said the friend, and the idea is becoming more and more popular in Australia. “

But you can see there are pockets, it’s got pockets, you can fold it up and put it on your leg,” she explained.

It’s a really cool idea, said the friend, and the idea is becoming more and more popular in Australia.

She says the Messenger bag is a lot cheaper to make than a regular bag, so it’s a good investment for people who want to travel a lot.

“You know, I think it’s really fun to make something and have a really good time and see it go up and up,” she added.

“And I think you can take that to a whole new level, where you can buy something that’s just so well designed and really good.”

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