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‘The Wire’ returns for season five: ‘The most beautiful women in the world’

The first season of The Wire, which debuted in the U.S. in 2001, featured the titular crime drama’s first female leads, including Olivia Benson and Darlene Bowers.

Now the series returns for a second season on Monday night, marking the first time in more than three decades that women have been cast as characters on TV series.

And, the show’s second season will premiere in April.

The first episode of season five is available to stream on Netflix, and the show is streaming its third season in the United Kingdom.

Watch: ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Trailer: ‘What you’re watching right now is a flashback to a simpler time’ “It’s a very special show,” says actress Kaitlin Olson, who plays Darlane Bowers, Olivia Benson’s (Kaitlin Spence) best friend and the sister of Olivia’s husband, Jesse.

“It’s one of those shows that really just takes the female characters and makes them into people.

They’re not perfect, but they’re human beings.”

Olson’s character, who is also the daughter of a drug lord, was inspired by a line from the show: “What you want is a beautiful woman.”

Watch: Darlan Bowers’ ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ returns to Netflix after four seasons (VIDEOS) “I was really excited for her to be a part of it,” says Darlen Bowers (Lizzy Caplan).

“She’s an incredibly talented actress and I think that I was the one that inspired her to get involved.

She’s the only woman on the show, and she’s a phenomenal character.”

The show also stars Kaitlyn Hagerty as Olivia Benson, who becomes the first female drug lord in the series.

“I’m really excited to see her, because I think the show has a really strong, interesting female lead and she deserves to be the lead of that show,” she says.

WATCH: ‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 10: ‘There is a woman who knows how to take care of herself’ When it comes to casting women on the series, Olson says the show was also influenced by the women in her own family.

“There is just a beautiful, strong female spirit in the family,” she explains.

“And so for us to have a show that was made with a female perspective and with a really rich, beautiful female character is just amazing.”

The first seasons of The Littlest Pet Shop of Barrow County and The Lonesome Crowd, which followed the lives of a small-town family of barflies, were filmed on location in Barrow, Colorado.

“So much of the story comes from the lives that these characters are living and then to have these real women in real lives that you can see and feel is a really special moment,” says director J.B. Smeltzer.

WATCH ‘The Littles’ Season 1: ‘It’s like a ’60s movie: There’s no line between reality and fantasy’ In addition to Olsen, who played Olivia’s father, Darlena Bowers is reprising her role as Olivia’s mother in season five.

“We wanted to do a story where she was in control of her own life and it’s very important to me that she’s not just a surrogate mother,” Olson says.

“She has her own way of life.

It’s like an ’60’s movie: You have to take responsibility and make decisions and not just follow the scripts.”

WATCH: J.K. Simmons on ‘The Simpsons’ Season 22: ‘I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched the show because I feel like it’s like our own reality show’ Olson, who also stars in the new comedy The Lovesick, is currently filming her role on the fourth season of “The Wire.”

“I can tell you that the writers have always wanted to see a woman play a woman and it just feels like the right time,” she adds.

WATCH “The Lovesocky” Season 2 Trailer: Dolly Parton ‘A little girl was just dying of leukemia’ The “Lovesick” cast is currently in post-production on the fifth season, and Olson says she is “very excited” to be part of the new season.

“This is something I’ve been waiting for,” she laughs.

“Because I have a really intense love of the show and the characters.

I love the show.

It feels so authentic and so alive and so true to the real life that I grew up with.

It makes me really proud to be in the show.”

WATCH “Dolly Partons ‘The Joy of Painting'” Trailer: A ’60-Something’ mom has been painting since she was a little girl (VIDES) The “Joy of Painting” cast, including Melissa Leo (the show’s “Little Sister”), Sarah Tilly (a

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