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What you need to know about the NFL’s new leather and synthetic products

The NFL’s biggest new product launches today include new “slim” leather and the latest synthetic materials for its pads, helmets and sleeves.

Leather: The new softest, most comfortable material to wear in the NFL The new synthetic materials were unveiled as part of the NFL Players Association’s initiative to reduce wear and tear in the game’s gear.

It was also unveiled as a new product to be made into the “skins” for players’ helmets and pads.

The new leather is made of a proprietary blend of two synthetic ingredients, alizarin and hydroxyphenyl alcohol.

It’s lighter and less bulky than traditional leather, which has been known to be prone to cracking and shrinking.

“We wanted to make the most durable material in the world, because that’s the most impactful,” NFLPA president Troy Vincent told reporters at the announcement in Los Angeles.

“If you’re going to play football, you want to be able to keep playing, and you want it to be durable.”

The new materials have been tested on a variety of footballs and have been shown to reduce the number of cuts and fractures caused by footballs.

“The new soft material provides a very consistent feel, a more secure fit and a more comfortable fit than leather,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

“We’re very excited about this new product.”

Leather pads: The NFL is rolling out new pads that offer a new lookThe new synthetic pads are lighter and thinner than the old leather pads.

They are made from the same material as the helmets, which are also made of synthetic materials.

The pads are thinner than regular leather and also offer a better grip than other pads on the market.

The NFL has been testing a variety, from the old-school old-style footballs, to the new, thinner pads.

The league’s new synthetic material is called alizarine and is used in the “headgear” and “sleeves” for the new footballs on the field.

The pads are made of the same synthetic material as helmets, but are made for different purposes.

The new pads have a more consistent feel.

The synthetic material that’s being used in these new pads has been shown in research to reduce injuries and reduce wear on players’ heads.

The NFL will be able purchase the new pads for $120 a pop.

The padding is made from a proprietary material called hydroxynyl alcohol, which is also used in polyurethane (PU) and polyurethene (PUR).

It’s the same substance used in leathers, but is softer and has a better feel than other synthetic materials like polyurethanol.

The team says the new synthetic “soles” for helmets will be “less expensive than previous designs.”

They are “the ultimate in durability and comfort” for every player, Vincent said.

The other new synthetic products include the new “holtz” leather backpack purse, which was also revealed earlier today.

The padded bag has been designed to hold a large number of items, such as towels and snacks, so it’s also expected to be the best choice for travel.

The “holtt” leather bags are made with a different type of leather that’s “more comfortable and durable than leather that has been used in other bags,” NFL spokesperson Andrew Brandt told reporters.

The bags also have a “slick, slim” finish that can be worn under your jersey and jersey patches.

The Holtz leather bags will be made with new synthetic leather that is “about twice as soft as the leather that you can find on most bags,” Brandt said.

It will be available for purchase starting in February for $180.

The teams new pads will also have the new soft synthetic material in them.

It’ll be a more “consistent” feel, and can also be used to replace the old soft material in “some” other pads.

Brandt didn’t say whether the pads will be sold in-store or online.

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