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When Is Leather Enough?

Now Playing: Trump administration approves $25 billion in loan guarantees to fight opioid epidemic Now Playing ‘Star Wars’ trailer: Episode VII – The Last Jedi opens in theaters Now Playing Trump Administration Approves $25 Billion in Loan Guarantees to Fight Opioid Epidemic Now Playing President Donald Trump on Twitter: ‘My Administration will be working tirelessly to stop the epidemic in the United States.

‘It’s been a rough week.’

Now Playing What it’s like to go from being a Trump fan to being an opioid addict Now Playing Ivanka Trump says she’s not ‘at war’ with her father’s administration Now Playing Is the Kavanaugh hearings a waste of time?

Now Playing US President Donald J. Trump is ‘not at war’ With the Kavanaugh Committee Now Playing A look at how much President Donald R. Trump has earned and how much he’s owed in taxes Now Playing How to become a Trump supporter Now Playing Hillary Clinton is leading in some polls, but Trump remains competitive Now Playing Here’s what Trump’s supporters are saying about Kavanaugh’s testimony Now Playing Why do Republicans hate Kavanaugh?

Now Play Trump to nominate new FBI director to replace James Comey Now Playing The Kavanaugh hearing will change the country Now Playing White House officials discuss Kavanaugh nomination and the FBI investigation Now Playing Kavanaugh nominee Brett Kavanaugh is set to testify before the Senate tomorrow Now Playing New FBI Director nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh has been nominated to replace FBI Director James Comey in a hearing scheduled for tomorrow Now Learning How Trump’s nomination will impact Americans Now Playing Sen. Chuck Schumer says he will work with Republicans to stop Trump from nominating Brett Kavanaugh Now Playing Democrats hold a rally in DC to call for Kavanaugh’s nomination Now Playing Republicans hold rally calling for Kavanaugh nomination Now Learning What Trump’s judicial nominees mean to Americans Now Learning Who has the power to veto a Supreme Court nomination Now Featuring Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) as a guest on CNN Now Playing FBI Director Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing will take place tomorrow Now Featuring Trump’s first major legislative achievements in his first 100 days Now Featuring Democrats hold rally in NYC to call on Kavanaugh nomination

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