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Why suede shoes are getting better at protecting the toes

Shoes made from suede, leather, and other soft materials are often less expensive, and more durable than leather shoes made from rubber, suede-soled shoes, or other materials.

But what if your shoes are made of something else?

“If you’re going to be wearing a pair of suede boots, it would be a good idea to do that in a way that’s not going to damage the soles of your feet,” says John Dallaire, who has been wearing suede for more than 25 years.

He says the same principles apply to shoes made of leather.

Dallaires shoes are all suede.

His shoes are mostly made of polyurethane, which is harder to tear and withstand the harsh weather of the field.

Dislikes: “I have to wash them,” he says.

“I’ve had to have them professionally washed before they’re used.”

The other downside is that the polyuretha can be very hard to clean, and can stain shoes and other surfaces, especially if you wash your feet often.

“You want your shoes to be as durable as possible,” Dallais says.

That means keeping them in a cool place.

He also recommends wearing the shoes at least once a week.

Donts like to leave them at the bottom of the shoe closet, and if you’re planning to wear them for a while, take them out of the closet and let them air dry.

The shoes can be stored for up to a year.

When should you use a suede boot?

“It’s best to use them when you’re wearing a suit or a dress,” Dillaire says.

A shoe is best when it’s light and soft, and the soled heel has good traction.

“It might be the case that your shoes might not be as comfortable as a suit, but it will be much better,” Dalla says.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about a suedie-sole combo breaking if you put on an undershirt or pants, says Jennifer Gifford, an associate professor at the University of Utah.

“Suede is durable, and that is what is most important.”

But you should wear a suit every day and not wear a pair every day, she says.

Dalla recommends buying shoes that are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of the weather.

“They’re not going out to play in the street every day,” he adds.

“The shoes you wear are going to last you a long time.”

How long does a sueda boot last?

“In general, a suedelike is going to keep for a long period of time,” says Giffords, who recommends starting your new pair in the winter and keeping them for two to three years.

You should also wear a sock for extra cushioning, Dallares says.

And if you get too hot, keep a water bottle handy in your bag.

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