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Which leather blazers are most popular in Australia?

Leather blazer (left) and leather club chair (right) have been popular among young men in Australia for a while, and both are now the top two accessories bought in Australia by young people, according to new research.

“Young people are spending more on leather bling and leather chairs, with the most popular brands being the leather blazi and the leather club, with a combined market value of around $1.8 billion,” the research found.

Leather blazer A new survey of young people across Australia finds the most-popular leather blazons are the leather chair and leather blazar.

“The most popular leather chairs in Australia are the Leather Club Chair and Leather Blazer, which both have a combined $1 billion market value,” said research firm The Future Group.

“They are popular with young men due to their stylish and stylish looks,” the report said.

“A recent survey of 30,000 Australians aged between 15 and 34 found that the most important way to look stylish and chic is with leather, and so it makes sense that the top brands in this category are the most well-known.”

The research found that in 2016, leather blasters made up around $800 million in retail sales, compared with $1,500 million in 2016 for the leather clubs and $800,000 for the chairs.

In 2016, a blazer was seen as more stylish than a leather chair in Australia, with 70 per cent of respondents saying a leather blazing chair was more stylish, according the research.

Leather clubs and chairs The leather clubs are now popular in more countries than the leather chairs.

“In 2016, Australian clubs made up $2.7 billion in retail trade and $1 trillion in spending, with clubs accounting for nearly a third of all spending in Australia,” The Future said.

The survey also found that leather chairs were popular in Europe, where they accounted for $2 billion in 2017 retail trade, and $5 billion in spending in 2017 in the EU.

The study said the top three brands in the United Kingdom, Italy and France were all in the top 10 in 2017, with one company in the US at number five, with $841 million in 2017 sales.

In 2018, the leather business in Australia has already grown by 8.3 per cent.

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