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How to make a metal box with a magnetic flap

The idea of a metal enclosure with a flap is an odd one, and one that has been used in many strange ways over the years.

In recent years, this concept has come up in places such as the Lego universe and in video games.

But in 2017, an Austrian startup made a metal version of this idea that actually worked.

The company called Angelus Leather Paint, and its founders, Markus Rau, and Christian von Griese, started out with the idea of making a metal cage with a door.

The idea was that if you wanted to hang something on a ceiling you would need a way to make it move around.

Rau and von Griede decided to make something that could fold in half when folded, so they could make a box.

Rau told Ars that the company was born from a need for a way for designers to put their creations into a box that could be easily opened, as well as for people who wanted to display them.

The company has made a few other prototypes of its box-like enclosure, but none have gone through the rigorous tests that a real metal box would need.

“We did a lot of testing,” Rau said.

“The tests were pretty thorough.

We tried to make sure it’s safe to open, it’s solid, and it has enough room for all of the components inside.

We didn’t want to make the box too large to take off the table and then go into a cabinet.

It has to be strong enough for the table, but not too big for the cabinet.”

Rau and his team tested the enclosure against some of the most common metal cases on the market, and they found that it held up fairly well.

It was able to hold up to 150 pounds, which is about the weight of a standard laptop computer.

But there were some flaws that made it work better than the competition.

Rieger’s company, which has been producing the boxes since 2010, did not have the experience of working with metal boxes, and had to work with metal to make them.

“It was a huge challenge,” Riegers said.

They had to find the right components for the enclosure, which included a metal plate, and even used parts from the original Lego, which was very expensive and limited in size.

“All of the plastic parts were the same,” Riesger said.

The metal box, Rieges said, is made of “solid, solid material, which can hold up a lot more weight than plastic,” meaning that it won’t break easily.

“There’s nothing that can be broken by the metal, but if you don’t have enough strength, it could shatter.

You could be crushed.”

Riegers also noted that the metal box can be made with just about any metal that is available, including brass, stainless steel, and aluminum.

The metal box is made using a process called casting, which involves creating a mould of a desired material.

“You have to create a mold of metal, then fill it with a mold.

We put some sort of plastic in there to give it the shape of the metal,” Riedger said, adding that the plastic is “a very strong material.

We use a special plastic in the plastic, which doesn’t have any plastic in it.”

The metal was cast into a mold, and then Riegars and his crew started on the casting process.

Riesgers said that he and his colleagues had to use several different casting techniques to make each piece.

The final product is a metal cylinder that has a flange on one side, which allows it to be opened, and a door on the other side.

Riedgers said the metal enclosure could be made for a desktop computer, as long as the flap isn’t too large.

Rieger and his fellow team members also tested their enclosure against a range of metal cases.

The aluminum case used by Riegs and his coworkers was “really good” for their design goals, Riesers said.

The stainless steel case used for Rie’s prototype is a bit more challenging.

“For the stainless steel we had to make this little box with all of this steel inside it,” Riergers said, referring to the metal flap.

“But for the metal we had a really hard time.

It took two days to cast, and the casting wasn’t that easy.

I think it took maybe half an hour to cast.”

Rieser also noted in an interview that the aluminum box was the only one that had any problems with the latch, which caused it to fail, and that the stainless metal case was the one that didn’t fail.

Riedgers was also surprised by the amount of effort that went into making the metal boxes.

“I’m surprised how hard it is to make these,” he said.

He explained that the team had to start by getting a metal bar and then a drill press.

The team then had to get a sheet of plastic, and

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