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Welcome to the US Accessory ‘Weird’ Leather Checkbook Cover Reveals the Most Disturbing Places in America

‘Weird’ Leather Checkbook Cover Reveals the Most Disturbing Places in America

Weird Leather Checkbooks are not just for the outdoorsy.

They can be found everywhere from office buildings to garages, garages are often located in places where it is impossible to leave the house without breaking down. 

In this case, they are also found at some of the most creepy places on Earth. 

Checkbook covers are often used to decorate objects, but this particular one in Los Angeles is so creepy it was created by artist Michael P. Balsam and artist Jason L. Schiller. 

This checkbook cover was created in collaboration with L.A. photographer and designer Jason Luecke.

 “When I was working on the cover for the book ‘Living in the Dark’ I wanted something that was both beautiful and also creepy,” said P.B.

B, who lives in California.

“It’s hard to explain but the fact that this is a black and white photograph made me think about what we see around us every day.

I wanted to make it as frightening as possible so I used some of my favorite images from the book and went out and picked the most iconic ones to work with.”

The photo series, which was inspired by a photograph of a man in a dark room with a checkbook, was a collaboration between P.A., Lueck, P.E.S.S., and L.L. Bean. 

P.B., who has been photographing the urban landscape for more than 25 years, said he started the series to honor the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department. 

“I really wanted to capture the essence of these guys and women who are out there every day,” said Balsams. 

The series of photographs includes a number of creepy objects, including some that resemble checkbooks and others that look more like human leathers.

“We wanted to find the coolest places that I think are actually a little bit scary, but also a little fun and a little scary, and to give them a little more of a visual dimension,” said Luecki. 

He added that some of his favorite images include a man holding a check book with his left hand while his right hand was holding a gun in a holster. 

One of the more disturbing items in the series is a woman’s face with a bloody nose, which the artist said she found most unnerving.

“She’s not the typical woman, she’s a little different,” said Lueck. 

There are also images of a human skinned corpse that he said was “pretty unnerving” and “very unsettling” to watch.

“It’s pretty hard to see in real life but when you get the idea of seeing a body with no blood on it, it’s scary,” said Schiller of the checkbook.

“I wanted it to feel as real as possible, but still not really realistic,” said M.P. L.

B of the horror aspect of the series.

“There’s nothing that says it’s going to be a real dead body,” said G.L., an American man from New York who is a member of the National Park Service.

“So we have to get over that.” 

Checkbooks, and the items in them, have become a popular way to decorating. 

M.P., a photographer, said that while he likes to make his own checkbooks, he has found that he likes having others do it for him. 

A friend of M.M.’s, who also works in the fashion industry, made a leather checkbook from leather she found in a closet in a car.

The man in the photo, M.B.’s mother, also made the leather check book, but instead of using a check to decorates it, he used a mask to make the cover. 

And P.C.L.’s daughter also made her own checkbook by cutting out the leather. 

Balsams said he loves that people can see their own work. 

His collection is also being shared on Instagram, where he said he has gotten hundreds of photos and comments.

“The way I look at it, I’ve got a collection of all the weird things I’ve done, all the creepy things that have happened,” said the artist. 

While it has been hard for him to find an outlet for the creepy items in his work, he said that it has allowed him to get to know the people who have helped him create them. 

When asked what his favorite part of the project is, he replied, “I love to have people see my work and to know that they’ve contributed to my work.”

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